The Commissioner's Corner

The Commissioner’s Corner 7/17/17



Where do I begin with how amazing the season has been so far?! We are down to the wire with the standings and crowning the very first WMLBA Championship Team here in Houston Texas August 6. All the WMLBA teams have great talent but I swear watching some of these teams play reminds me of playing in the WNBA. The level of athleticism these players have is so thrilling to watch. Before the season started I had no idea what team would be ranked number 1 but kudos to the Dallas Lightning for really setting a championship pace early on in the season. I wonder if that has anything to do with their head coach being a WNBA Champion…(I’m just saying) So who do I think will win the inaugural WMLBA Championship? I’m still thinking about that one but one thing I do know is that you all will be able to see full coverage of the Championship Game on! Stay tuned for some huge announcements and partnerships we have coming soon.

Peace, love and hoops,
The commish

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