So you want to play in the WNBA?



by Alan Barcoff

So you want to play in the WNBA? Not so easy! There is a maximum of 144 player jobs a season if each team uses the 12 player roster max., Teams can use 11 players if they choose as well, cutting the job openings even more. 80% of the 12 team rosters are already usually guaranteed due to past performances. With each Draft it cuts downs lesser players chances even more, as that usually means 12-15 players will make teams after being drafted. The 2017 draft saw a first rounder already get cut and is out of the WNBA and may never get another opportunity. A star in College is no guarantee to even make a WNBA team as we have seen many a time. The 2018 WNBA Draft is going to be super strong, meaning another 15 players under 2017 contract won’t have a job in 2018, and may never play in the WNBA again. Expansion of 2 new teams would create 24 new openings for players, who may not of ever had a chance again to play in the WNBA. The owner of the Golden State Warriors said, he would like to own a WNBA team in the Bay area in the next 2 years, Louisville and tennessee would also be great choices. I hope to see some of the WNBA players who got cut, make a try in the new WMBLA league.

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  1. Amy

    June 23, 2017 at 8:04 am

    They do need more WNBA teams. I think the women have not been treated equally as the Men when it comes to basketball. First of all they finish college and most men don’t but they can be in the draft after only 1 year in college that i do not agree with and get paid more than the women that graduate from college. I think something needs to be done! Please look into this matter!