Is playing in the WNBA worth it?



-Alan Barcoff

Is playing in the WNBA worth it?…..A good friend of mine about 4 years ago graduated from a top ranked College and was drafted in the first round of the WNBA draft that same year. the salary for a first rounder was about $40,000 for about a 5 month season and was also able to sign a overseas contract for about $50,000 for 5 months overseas, she complained to me, how as a pro athlete, she was only making $90,000 for the year, I said to her “Think how many people graduated from your class who will not get a job right away when they graduate, some will get low paying jobs, some will work jobs they might not really love, you are getting to play pro basketball in some of the most famous arena’s in the world, and then get to live in a foreign country and learn some new culture as well. You also will have your health care paid for by the team, they pay for your housing when playing, so nothing out of your pocket, and you have NO school loans to pay back, as you were on full 4 year scholarship, your making pretty much a 6 figure salary just weeks after graduating.” After I was done explaining that all to her, she simply said “Alan, you are so right!” and gave me a hug and smiled. Thought I would share this interesting story. Thanks for reading 🙂

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