Dallas win 2 in Houston, Carolina gets first win in Tennessee.



It was a favorable road trip for the Dallas Lighting in Houston Texas this past weekend. The Lightning racked up 2 wins against the Houston Galaxy and the San Antonio Troopers. Dallas set the pace early in the Friday night victory against Houston winning the game 107-51. Houston never stood a chance as Dallas looked sharper than ever this season. “We’re mentally preparing ourselves to win the championship. It’s approaching quickly so I’m pleased that our team is playing as cohesive as we are.” -Dallas Lightning Head Coach Alicia Thompson
Saturday night in Houston, Dallas was able to finish off the weekend with another win against the San Antonio Troopers 110-43. The Troopers showed signs of life early in the first half as the game remained a close match up until halftime. On Sunday, the Houston Galaxy were able to bounce back after their loss to the Dallas Lightning with a win against the San Antonio Troopers prevailing in the 77-57 victory. “Our squad comes to every game and fights for the win, unfortunately we’ve come up short several times season.”-San Antonio Assistant Coach Brushard Williams.
On the Eastern side of the WMLBA, the Carolina Stars got their first win of the 2017 season against the Midwest Reign. They were able to defeat the Reign 88-57 in Tennessee. The Tennessee Storm remains undefeated at home taking care of business against the Carolina Stars 112-57 and the Midwest Reign 116-47. The Tennessee Storm and Dallas Lightning will make a great match up for the WMLBA Championship Game set to tip off Sunday August 6th at 7 pm CST in Houston Texas. Both teams can run up a score board and are loaded with players who fill up a stat sheet. Full coverage of the WMLBA Championship Game will be provided on www.theWsportsnetwork.com
-J. Henderson, WMLBA Writer


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